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Cóinbase pro login can provide you with the steps you will be needing to get a new account on the Cóinbase platform. You will also learn to verify your account as a real one by adding a mobile number and then verifying it and using a government-approved ID to verify your identity. You can start depositing funds into your crypto wallet after this. Start purchasing any supported cryptocurrency online and buy, sell, or trade with it online. Cóinbase pro login is considered one of the safest platforms you can use to trade in online currencies.

The Best Features of Cóinbase Pro Login
Let us look at the best features you will be using when you create a new account on the platform.

Cryptocurrency Support

A new account created via Cóinbase pro login will give you access to trade in different cryptocurrencies online. You can deposit funds in your crypto wallet and then use those to buy and sell crypto.
Cóinbase Pro Wallet

When you have an account created with the help of the link Cóinbase pro login, you get a wallet that can be used to shop products from online and offline markets if they support the payment through cryptocurrencies.
Security and Safety

You can create an account via the URL Cóinbase pro login, which is one of the safest platforms considered in the cryptocurrency market. You can also use the most secure methods, like 2FA, to lock your account so no unauthorized access is done to your account.

Insurance Coverage for Funds

All the funds you have in your account created via the URL Cóinbase pro login can be insured by the platform using the feature provided.

Procedure to Creating New Account via Cóinbase Pro Login

The steps given below are the very first ones you will be following to create a new account on the platform.

Once you are at a new tab in your favorite web browser on your computer,Go to the official website through the link Cóinbase pro login.After getting to the homepage, click on the Create Account.Now you will be presented with a form where you have to fill in all the details carefully.Type the First Name in the box.Now enter your Last Name in the second box.Now you have to type in an Email you want to register with on the platform.Type in a secure password for your account and enter it again in the box below to confirm the password.Now, if you have a referral code with you, you can type it in the space provided or leave the box empty.Read the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy carefully.You have to know all the rules and regulations you have to keep in mind while using the platform.Accept the documentation by clicking on the respective checkboxes.Finally, you have to click on the Next button to finish the steps of getting a new account.

Procedure to Add and Verify Mobile Number via Cóinbase Pro Login

The next step is to add a mobile number to the account.Once your account is made via the URL Cóinbase pro login, you will be given a new page where you have to enter your mobile number.Now enter your mobile number in the box displayed on the webpage.After that, click on the Send Code option.You will get a seven-digit code on your mobile phone.Enter the code in the box provided and tap on the Next button to go on to the following process.

Procedure to Add Address via Cóinbase Pro Login

Now you will have to enter the address to associate with your account.After you have successfully added a mobile number to your account via the URL Cóinbase pro login, you will have to attach an address in the form.Type your full address with all the other details in their respective address space.Re-check your information so that you know you have given the right address.Once you are satisfied, tap on the Next button to finish the process.

Procedure to Verify Your Identity via Cóinbase Pro login

Finally, you have to follow the below steps to add and verify your identity so that you will be seen as a real human being instead of a bot trying to spam an account.After the successful addition of the address to the account via the URL Cóinbase pro login, tap the Next button.Now choose the type of Verification ID you will be providing to start your verification process.Upload both side scans of the original ID using the upload function on the website.After the scans are successfully uploaded, tap on the Confirm button to send your information for the verification process.After the verification process is completed, you will receive a confirmation mail on your registered email ID.

Procedure to Sign Into Your Account via Cóinbase pro Login

Open a web browser.Visit the official website using the URL Cóinbase pro login.Click the Sign In button on the homepage of the website and wait for the redirection to finish.Now type your login credentials in the box provided.Solve the puzzle for the device.You will be displayed at home on your dashboard.

Frequently Asked QuestionsQue: How can I fund my wallet by using Cóinbase pro login?Ans: You can use the Cóinbase pro login to log into your account and then go to the Wallet section of your profile. Add the funds into your wallet using the options provided there.Que: Are my funds secured on Cóinbase pro login?Ans: Yes, your funds are a hundred percent secure on the Cóinbase pro login account. You also get insurance for all the funds.Que: How long does it take for the verification of my identity?Ans: Normally, it will take seven to ten days to confirm your identity, but it really depends on the number of applications they have.